The group meets The Game Director (TGD) at the arranged time at Hard Rock Cafe, in Plaza Catalunya, BCN. All together they walk to a hidden square behind HRC, 2 minute walk, where they will get a presentation.

The TGD proceeds to explain:
Barcelona is a city with a 2000 year history, from the Romans to today, and they are about to discover where it all started, right here, in the Gothic Quarter. In order to play, they must use all their senses, follow the clues we will give them to arrive to the different places where challenges will take place. The first group to complete the 5 challenges and to return to the meeting point, will be entitled to proceed to the final challenge, where the “sixth” sense will be needed. There is a time limit to the Game. The groups must all be back in 90minutes exactly. They must respect the territorial boundaries (only pedestrian area) and follow the recommendations on the map.

The group of students is divided into 5 teams, including a leader and a GL. Everyone will get a badge they must wear throughout the game, each team having a different colour. They will also be given a map and a control sheet (please find attached) as well as the 1st clue to arrive to their first challenge.


The team must solve the clue to find where the challenge is taking place in the Gothic Quarter. They will walk around the pedestrian streets discovering the hidden corners until they find the location with a GAME guide. There, they will have to work together as a group to successfully complete the challenge and get the clue to the next location.


When teams have completed the 5 challenges they must return to the meeting point, where they will sign the book of arrivals in order of appearance. All teams must have returned after 90 minutes to be present for the challenge of the sixth sense:


Seny i Rauxa: COMMON SENSE and HAPPINESS. The group will be “happy” to use their common sense to win.


Cool prize for the winning team.

walkingplanets mapa